Joint Commission Issues New Advisory on De-escalating Aggression in Healthcare

Posted over 3 years ago

Health care violence is on the rise. A new advisory was released by the Joint Commission regarding eliminating or decreasing the cases of aggression in healthcare.

This advisory "summarizes several de-escalation models and provides guidance and resources for managing aggressive or agitated patients in the emergency department and inpatient settings.” Additionally, the advisory “includes techniques health care professionals can apply to reduce aggression and agitation, minimize restraint or seclusion, and ultimately prevent violence or harm to staff.”

There are a few safety measures that healthcare providers can take:
  • Committing resources and time for senior management to educate staff on de-escalation and to ensure time is provided to audit interventions and environmental changes necessary to create the most therapeutic unit possible;
  • Using audits to inform practice, such as the Patient Staff Conflict Checklist;
  • Implementing workforce training on new techniques and interventions;
  • Incorporating use of assessment tools;
  • Involving patients; and
  • Implementing debriefing techniques.