Member Benefit: ANA Online Communities

Posted about 3 years ago

Interact with your peers by joining an a ANA Online Community.
ANA Online Communities are open discussion forums exclusively for ANA members. You can seek advice, solutions, and support from fellow nurses in a way that fits your busy schedule. You have access 24/7, as well as on the go through our mobile app! (Search "ANA Community" in your device's app store.)
Now you can build your community, join discussions, and interact with your peers in the go-to online communities of your choice in areas such as:

Early Career is for those nurses who have been licensed in the past four years who may want advice or have questions about nursing.

This community is for those who are established but looking to advance within their career.

Together, leaders in nursing can discuss their roles such as advocacy or politics in this community.

This new community allows Advanced Practice Nurses to come together for discussion, advice, or general feedback from other APRNs.

Together, members who work in education and schools of nursing can collaborate and discuss similar topics or questions.

To view and participate in the online communities you will need to be logged in as an ANA member.