Welcome Lawrence Tech as ANA-Michigan’s New Organization Affiliate Member

Posted almost 3 years ago

Now Open! Lawrence Tech’s Newest Teaching Laboratory for Nursing Programs


The 2,400-square-foot laboratory includes a simulated intensive care unit hospital  room that will have all the equipment normally found in the hospital setting—oxygen, suction, monitors—all surrounding a hospital bed.


The rest of the lab will be comprised of three bays with hospital beds, simulating a hospital triage or clinical setting, where students can practice healthcare skills such as inserting IV lines, inserting nasal gastric tubes, making sterile dressing changes, and more.


Two simulation patients—one an entire body and set up as female, the other a torso set up as male—will also be part of the lab. The replica patients make realistic breathing and heart sounds, and the full-body simulator is wireless, with the ability to have changes in vital signs and changes in physical characteristics. It offers students the ability to practice numerous health care skills. Coming in the fall will be more equipment for more practice.


The University’s total investment in the new laboratory is $400,000. It is located in the LTU Science Building, in space formerly occupied by LTU’s Donley Computer Center, which has relocated to the University Services Building.


Lawrence Tech, in partnership with Ascension, received state approval to add a new nursing program in 2016. The first class of 32 students was admitted in August 2017. A second class was admitted in August 2018.


This year, LTU received state approval to increase the number of students admitted per year from 32 to 48. That third, larger class arrived on campus this August.


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