ANA-Michigan reaches a new milestone in our association's storied history; beginning July 1st, ANA-Michigan will have its first official registered lobby firm!

Posted over 2 years ago

ANA-Michigan has retained Muchmore Harrington Smalley & Associates, LLC (MHSA) as our new multi-client lobbying firm. The firm possesses the substantial experience, professional approach, unique problem-solving skills, and unmatched creative energies while focusing on providing superior client service in the development and implementation of successful strategies.
MHSA works aggressively to shape public policy and weave client interests into the Michigan Legislature’s agendas and initiatives; this includes the Executive and Administrative branches, agencies, bureaus of the State of Michigan, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation, and local and county governments.
MHSA was founded in 1988 and has earned the reputation as one of Michigan's leading lobbying firms. MHSA was recently named Michigan's "Number 1" multi-client lobbying firm and "Number 1" lobbying organization (including corporations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, and multi-client lobbying firms); this according to a comprehensive survey conducted by Inside Michigan Politics (IMP).
With more than 4,100 registered lobbyist agents in Michigan, five MHSA lobbyists earned honors and ranked in the category of "Individual Lobbyists: The Top 10." MHSA's five lobbyists earning a top 10 individual power ranking include Pat Harrington and Jon Smalley, both of whom will support ANA-Michigan. To determine the power ranking of organizations and individuals who are both "players" and "effective," the IMP survey was distributed to all members of the Michigan Legislature, selected legislative and administration staff members, members of the capitol news media, and others.
To learn more about the three-team members from MHSA dedicated to ANA-Michigan, click here to view their profile. 
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