New National Board Opportunity: MAC Angels Foundation Board of Directors

Posted about 2 years ago

MAC Angels Foundation provides services and programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals, family members and caregivers who are impacted daily by ALS. There is a current opening on the MAC Angels Foundation Board of Directors.
Details about the opportunity can be found by clicking on the link below.
Level of experience desired of nurse candidate: 7-10 years 
Desired area of health care specialty: family, hospice or palliative care, ALS or other neurological diseases, chronic diseases 
Desired specific areas of governance expertise of nurse candidate:
  1. Fundraising / Development
  2. Quality Assurance
  3. Strategic Planning
  4. Other
Are there any residency requirements? no 
Does the position require a specific political affiliation? no 
Does the position have membership requirements for the nurse candidate? no
When would the appointment begin? 09/01/2020
Number and location of meetings annually: Four (4) a mix of remote and in person, at least one annual in-person meeting 
Is there an expected financial contribution from board members? Yes. We ask board members to give what they can and appeal to others. 
Do board members receive any remuneration for service? Yes - expense reimbursement for travel. 
Nomination deadline for this position? 07/27/2020
What is the approval / vetting process? Candidates are vetted by the Board President and brought to the Executive Committee for approval to bring to the full board for a vote. 
Are there other selection criteria to be aware of? Candidates must have a passion for helping families coping with terminal illness. 
Submission Instructions: Please send Resume and Cover Letter in single PDF file .  Name the PDF ApplicationMACAngels_lastname.firstname.