New ANA-MI Partner! Olivet College’s RN-BSN Program — Being More and Doing Good in the Healthcare Community

Posted about 1 year ago

Olivet College launched its RN-BSN Program in 2018, creating a convenient online program for students who have completed an ADN and currently hold licensure as an RN in Michigan or who are current ADN students who have completed their Level I program courses. The program embraces individualized learning to create a unique professional development plan for each student, focused on Olivet College’s motto to “Be More and Do Good.” It is the RN-BSN Program’s mission to provide a diverse education to enrich the lives of nursing students and the lives the graduates touch intellectually, morally and spiritually. In support of RN-BSN students, Olivet College is also proud to offer several $5,000 scholarship opportunities.

From the start of the enrollment process, RN-BSN students are acknowledged as professional nurses with a diverse background of experiences gained through their prior education and service as a nurse. In the first semester, students hone their foundational math, research and writing skills that they apply to research methods and understanding nursing research. In the second semester, students gain a deeper understanding of identifying problems and applying research and ethical principles to learn what is known and what is yet to be discovered. Learning concepts related to leadership and informatics provides the perfect foundation for students to operationalize a process improvement of their choice through service learning. 

Olivet College’s students have created many service learning projects that they are passionate about working on throughout the program. One student completed a literature review and learned that there is an equitable process used in many other organizations where multi-dose medications were not wasted when the patient was discharged from the hospital. This student worked in their unit to change the discharge medication waste policy with the organization where they worked. The result was that pharmaceuticals were no longer disposed of, which prevents the creation of an environmental hazard. In addition, patients were able to be discharged with their multi-dose medications with the hope of increases in post-discharge compliance and decreases in re-hospitalization rates. 

Another example of a service learning project was the creation of a flier to improve access to information for breastfeeding mothers during and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. The student, who hopes to become a doula after graduation, worked with a preceptor in Kalamazoo and identified a concern with decreased longevity of breastfeeding during the pandemic. They discovered through a literature review that many other communities were experiencing this same phenomenon, and the evidence-based intervention that increased the longevity of breastfeeding was a resource tool. The student and her preceptor created a resource guide that was sent home with newborn parents upon discharge with the hope of increasing the longevity of breastfeeding. 

Students often say that they are especially proud of the outcomes from their service learning practicum projects. Students are empowered by the confidence to recognize opportunities and make a difference in patient and community outcomes. 

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