Nursing Practice Chair Erin Sudheimer, MSN, RN, Participates in Media Roundtable Encouraging Flu Shots

Posted 8 months ago in ANA-Michigan News

On February 1st, ANA-Michigan's new Nursing Practice Committee Chair, Erin Sudheimer, MSN, RN, participated in a media roundtable to highlight the need for flu vaccines. The month of February is considered peak flu season, so together with Dr. Tina Tanner, a primary care physician, and Zachary Yaksich, a father who lost his daughter to the flu when she was five years old, Erin helped to bring attention to the need for flu vaccinations by sharing a personal story and by reiterating that vaccines are a great way to prevent hospitalization.

ANA-Michigan is proud to have such a dedicated nurse member who is willing to participate in important discussions in the interest of public health.

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