ANA-Michigan Announces New President

Posted 6 months ago in ANA-Michigan News

The American Nurses Association of Michigan (ANA-Michigan), together with their national partner, the American Nurses Association (ANA), is pleased to announce its recent appointment of Bridget A. Leonard DNP, MBA-HCM, RN, CRRN, NEA-BC as President of the organization. Following a two-year term as President-Elect, ANA-Michigan membership convened earlier this month for its Annual Assembly Meeting where the leadership election results were upheld. She succeeds Julia Stocker-Schneider, whose term commenced on April 1, 2022.

Dr. Leonard has served in numerous leadership roles throughout her more than 25 years of experience in the nursing profession and offers the ANA-MI board of directors, as well as its membership, tremendous expertise in strategy, professional development, and the practice of nursing. Dr. Leonard has a background in both acute hospital and long-term care settings and brings vast knowledge as well as a unique, reputable background to her role as president, including her previous service to the organization.

Prior to her appointment to the board as President, and in conjunction with her term as President-Elect, Dr. Leonard served as the Chair of ANA-Michigan’s Education Committee from April 2020-April 2022. She also led the organization’s new Town Hall initiative “Sharing Our Strengths: You Talk, We Listen,” which aimed to support nurses experiencing hardship across the state. Dr. Leonard is a frequent speaker on topics related to nursing and served as a presenter for ANA-Michigan’s first-ever Ignite Session where she passionately shared her story.

In addition to her extensive experience in the field, Dr. Leonard holds several certifications and has received leadership awards throughout her career honoring her influence and achievements. She has served in every level of nursing – from Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) to Chief Nursing Officer (CNO). Dr. Leonard currently serves as a Nursing Professor at Wayne College Community College and as CEO of Bridget Leonard Enterprises LLC.

About ANA-Michigan 
Founded in 2005, ANA-Michigan is dedicated to promoting excellence in nursing practice and health care in Michigan and seeks to improve the availability of health services for all and promote the professional development of Michigan nurses. Every registered nurse is eligible for full membership in this dynamic, inclusive, diverse, and affordable organization. ANA-Michigan’s Bylaws outline eight geographical regions, which expand across the entire state of Michigan. ANA-Michigan’s professional councils include Administration and Education, Excellence in Nursing Practice, Public Policy, Nursing Research and Evidenced-Based Practice.